Sunday, 13 April 2008

Technical difficulties

Well finally got round to booking the tickets to go see Ann. Unfortunetly couldn't get tickets cheap enough for May when I planned to visit her but found tickets for £15 each way in June. Anyway had to wait for Jay to make sure their was enough money in the bank before I could book. So today I came online with the soul intention of booking those tickets before the price went up again and we had to postpone my trip even longer (don't think ann would have been amused by that lol) but it just isnt happening. First of all I kept losing my connection to the internet and couldnt stay online long enough to put in the journey details never mind book the tickets. Then eventually that worked so i proceeded to put in my card details and try and book my tickets for the journey there. Unfortunetly it kept saying there was a problem with my card and I may have entered the wrong expiry date. So I checked and double checked and triple checked. I started from scratch putting in all the journey details again and again and just as I was about to give in it worked. Phew so I was definetly going to Anns.

Now time for the journey home (for some reason it didnt give the option to book them together as singles). Again the same problems only this time no matter how many times I check and staart over the site just isnt accepting that my card details are right - sigh!! So I may be going to visit Ann but it doesnt look like I'll be coming home lol. Wonder if she fancies a lodger.

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